Christmas: should you celebrate it in the office?


Some offices go heavy on putting up chrismas trees, singing santas, running reindeer and flashing lights.

Some offices prefer to keep Christmas out of the office, with various justifications.

What do you do, and which do you prefer?


What is this off-topic-ness! Stop immediately!


Well, my home is my office so Christmas decorations in the office are whatever my wife decides on … I have woken up to tinsel around my laptop screen in the past …


Do you not decorate your terminal at least @pcherry ? :wink:

@kfullerton: wow… that’s quite impressive!


My laptop is generally decorated in some form … one currently has foam hearts & flowers along the top bezel, and this one has a “flower power” sticker on it (all decided on by kids, though they don’t stick them on unless I say it’s OK) :smile:


I’ve found the more grumpy the colleague, the more likely the chances of their workspace being subject to guerilla decoration.