Christmas and New Year 2016 - Support Team cover


What happened to 2016? It’s already that time of year again :grin:

Some of us will be taking a break to recharge the ol’ batteries. Turning humans off and on again fixes things just like it does for computers!

However, our Support Team will continue to be around if you need us. You can continue to contact us by email at any time. We’ll be able to address your emails and phone calls at the following times:

December 23rd - Normal service
December 24th - Urgent issues only
December 25th - Urgent issues only
December 26th - Urgent issues only
December 27th - Urgent issues only
December 28th - Normal service
December 29th - Normal service
December 30th - Normal service
December 31st - Urgent issues only
January 1st - Urgent issues only
January 2nd - Urgent issues only
January 3rd - Back to normal :sunglasses:

If you have a business critical problem, send an email to our usual urgent support address at any time of day or night and you’ll get a response within 60 minutes. This is available without interruption throughout the festive period.

Happy holidays!