Checking mail logs for failures



I have a client who uses Sage Line 50 2013 (about to upgrade to latest version), and they usually send invoices and statements directly through Sage (not the best email client in the world, but…).

I have been informed that some emails are successfully being sent, whereas others are not. Sage provides no information in that regards, it either returns a prompt saying “Failed to send email” without any further information (Nice), or a prompt that says “Emails sent”.

My question therefore is, which logs do I need to be looking at? I’ve had a quick nose at the /var/log/mail.log but that appears to be mostly babbling on about logins (successful and unsuccessful).

Many thanks in advance.


After much furious searching, I think I may have found it, looks like I need:


Aplogies for answering my own question, but maybe will be helpful to others.


And I’m back. :slight_smile:

So I have reviewed a bunch of exim4 logs and I only seem to be seeing logon failures and rejected incoming emails. I’m now beginning to assume that there must be a LogLevel somewhere in the exim4 config…

I am currently reading up on (section 15 seems to have what I’m looking for)

Am I okay to follow this exim4 guide, or is there a symbiosis file I need to mess with instead?


Symbiosis will log every email accepted for delivery, or rejected, as well as log in failures. That’s all fairly standard Exim.

What you’d be looking for in the config file is log_selector, which allows you to log or not log various thing. But there’s not really a Log Level concept in Exim.

To examine logs of accepted emails, try something like “sudo exigrep ‘<=’ /var/log/exim4/mainlog*”

Symbiosis doesn’t manipulate the Exim configuration. but you can edit files in /etc/exim4/symbiosis.d then “cd /etc/exim4; make test” to build a test config, or just “make” to rebuild the actual config file.


That’s great, thank you very much. I will be looking further into this next week, as last time I messed with configs on a friday I took down a site for an entire weekend, gulp.