Can't connect to VM using new console client


When I try to connect to my VM using the new client it fails with:

Permission denied (publickey).

Other commands such as “show vm” work OK.

It works fine using the old “bigv” client.


Tony Middleton


Hi Tony,

If you wouldn’t mind getting in touch with support with more details about the command you were running, and the cloud servers you were connecting to, we’d be very pleased to investigate.

You can also connect to your cloud server’s serial line directly with SSH. If your machine is, then you can connect by adding the magic word “console” before


where username is your Bytemark username, rather than your SSH username (or root, admin etc). If you want to connect to the display using VNC, you need to do a bit of port forwarding too:

ssh -L

and then you can use your VNC client to connect to localhost:5900.

Best wishes,