Calendar feed - Firewall additions


I’m running a wordpress site and want to get a calendar feed to populate the events for my site.

this feed:

from this site:

however the firewall is blocking it…
I added
to the “50-reject-www-data” file but to no luck.
Any suggestions?


Hi Kalias,

You only need to put the hostname in the firewall rule, not the whole URL. So the file should just contain

and nothing more.

Best wishes,



Aha - thanks for the tip!

No luck there.

The plug in giving me a red error message reading:
“We couldn’t find a valid transport to fetch the calendar data. You should set allow_url_fopen in php.ini as suggested in this article” [this being the ‘article’]
However, the guy who has helped me with the dev says that it’s already open… so it’s a bit of head scratcher… :confused:


If you run (as the www-data user)


(or if curl isn’t installed try

wget -O-

) you should get the ICS output, or an error of some sort.

To change to the www-data user you can run

sudo -s -u www-data

If you try the curl/wget commands as both www-data and admin, and you get the same result, then the firewall isn’t to blame.

I’m not sure about your PHP configuration problems. I can only suggest you put a “test” phpinfo() page somewhere and check the configuration there.

Best wishes