So my simple request to upgrade my managed box to Stretch has still not been responsed to other than to tell me that it has been passed to ‘Sales’

I replied to the ticket at 08:45 this morning asking for an update, nothing.
I’ve replied again and see that it goes to sales@ now rather than support.

I’ve now raised a ticket at urgent@ and will see what happens.

Based on this I think I need to look at getting out sooner rather than later :frowning:


I don’t see why your upgrade request is worthy of urgent@…
It may be they will be glad to see the back of you. :‭-)


I’m guessing that’s meant to be humorous, but if I was running a company offering managed solutions, I’d not be surprised if a consumer thinks upgrading to a supported version of Debian is urgent.


It isn’t worthy of urgent in itself, but if you read my previous

I requested the upgrade on Friday
They responded that it had been passed to ‘sales’
I responded saying it is not a sales issue
+++ Wekend Happens +++
I nudge this morning saying I need the upgrade
after four hours I get no response
I mail again and see that the new support software is sending the tickets to sales
So I have sent an mail to urgent asking them to look at my ticket from three days ago

I am paying for a Managed service on a dedicated box before the buy out this upgrade would have been done and dusted by now.

But thanks for your view on whether they want me as a customer or not :slight_smile:


Debian Stretch, i.e. Debian 9, was released on 2017-06-17. The previous version, Jessie, was EOL last June and is now considered LTS. So it’s not like there’s an impending deadline of a few days away. I’d consider urgent to be for ‘server appears to be down’, etc. type of calls.

That said, did Sales respond before the long weekend?