I don’t raise many tickets so can’t really compare.

A colleague raised a ticket last week and it was answered within an hour or so, although it was a very simple issue anyway.


I raised this support request last week: Enabling SNI for Exim and Dovecot

It took a day or so for support to come up with a solution which I haven’t tested yet. I need to move a couple of domains this week so I’ll monitor when I raise the request for the change of dns auth.

Noteworthy, Ian Eilorat appears to respond to the majority of forum questions. On another note there’s plenty of mileage left in SymStretch but I’m wondering whether the abridged support team has enough expertise to further develop Symbiosis into a future Debian distro?

So I’m looking for a plan B should things go belly up with Bytemark (MythicBeasts, BrightBox and BitFolk). To date I’ve been unable to find anything comparable to Symbiosis and I may have to revert to Webmin and Virtualmin. To that end I’d welcome suggestions Sir?


@proberts2 : Take a look at



So my simple request to upgrade my managed box to Stretch has still not been responsed to other than to tell me that it has been passed to ‘Sales’

I replied to the ticket at 08:45 this morning asking for an update, nothing.
I’ve replied again and see that it goes to sales@ now rather than support.

I’ve now raised a ticket at urgent@ and will see what happens.

Based on this I think I need to look at getting out sooner rather than later :frowning:


I don’t see why your upgrade request is worthy of urgent@…
It may be they will be glad to see the back of you. :‭-)


I’m guessing that’s meant to be humorous, but if I was running a company offering managed solutions, I’d not be surprised if a consumer thinks upgrading to a supported version of Debian is urgent.


It isn’t worthy of urgent in itself, but if you read my previous

I requested the upgrade on Friday
They responded that it had been passed to ‘sales’
I responded saying it is not a sales issue
+++ Wekend Happens +++
I nudge this morning saying I need the upgrade
after four hours I get no response
I mail again and see that the new support software is sending the tickets to sales
So I have sent an mail to urgent asking them to look at my ticket from three days ago

I am paying for a Managed service on a dedicated box before the buy out this upgrade would have been done and dusted by now.

But thanks for your view on whether they want me as a customer or not :slight_smile:


Debian Stretch, i.e. Debian 9, was released on 2017-06-17. The previous version, Jessie, was EOL last June and is now considered LTS. So it’s not like there’s an impending deadline of a few days away. I’d consider urgent to be for ‘server appears to be down’, etc. type of calls.

That said, did Sales respond before the long weekend?


Sorry to bump in on this topic… I get an error when I try to creat a new topic upon posting…

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anyone else getting this??


Fine here:



No they didn’t.

It took several days to resolve the issue.

I opened another ticket about a separate issue and this took almost a week to get a response.

I am on a Managed Dedicated box, this is clearly unacceptable levels of support.

I’m working on removing my websites from Bytemark


Likewise, do you have any alternative hosting suggestions Sir?


PM Sent


So it begins! The continuous up-sell we, need to get out customers on x number of products, our customers are cash cows calls and emails! Thats what was great about old Bytemark none of this “added value” bull. Was obvious this was going to happen seeing as the parent company is about maximum extraction and lowest cost but didn’t think it was going to be so direct. I think this is the start of the downfall. Now when should we abandon ship?


Before the rant, could we have some detail of what’s happened, e.g. number of hassling sales phone calls, presumably greater than one.


It’s only been the one call, and that’s one too many. It unsolicited and unwanted selling stuff that the average BM customer would have no use for really mostly full on enterprise services…


There’s no need for knee jerk reaction just a solid Plan B contingency. I’ve actually enjoyed a reasonable amount of support from Bytemark over the last few weeks. SymStretch has some longevity but I don’t believe Bytemark currently has a plan for Symbiosis integration with Buster.
To that end I’m in the process of signing up with an alternative company that offers similar services to the Bytemark we once loved.
Kind regards Pete R


That’s right - and I’m well on my way to completing my Plan B.
Thanks to various people who have mentioned alternatives on this forum…


Would you mind private messaging me your alternative hosting solution?
Thanks in advance.
Rgds Pete


I’d appreciate any info (by PM) that you have about suitable replacement DH hosts. I dont want a VM or cloud setup.