Is there something that Bytemark wants to tell us about their development team?

And if so, how will it affect the future development of their services?


Why are you being cryptic?


Because I heard something quite bad on Twitter, and have no way of validating.

If true, it looks like I’m going to be diversifying my server portfolio.


That’s what happens when you get into bed with the big boys.


Presumably this is all in readiness for next month.


It’s really hard to build a brand that you can trust – bytemark did that – I love the values (primarily transparency/honesty then diversity, insane support for open-source, fair tax, etc.) but Thursday’s news suggests it’s going down the pan. I don’t know iomart but the bullshit detector fired three times on a quick look at (a scant ‘read more’ suggests one might be a false positive). I hope I’m horribly wrong and whatever the founders saw in iomart comes to fruition - I’m not talking about the money ;).

I’ve been wondering if Symbiosis has a future for a long time now. Google tells me that the the key architect left a long time ago and the talent pool changed significantly post “sell-out” (I should probably find a less loaded way of saying that ;). Glacial development and lack of leadership has been evident for a long time. To be fair, the business is in transition and I think @pcherry left a big gap - gitlab comments suggested he knew his onions across many fields. Now we’re faced with glacial development and the unknown. I don’t want to diminish any of the recent :B contributions – I’m truly grateful for all contributions whether it’s discussion, support or code.


I think it’s truly hard to find a ‘grassroots’ web host these days. Transitioning my stuff away would not be anywhere near as difficult as finding a decent host itself. By decent, I mean one that allows you to do virtually anything under the hood to hone performance, rather than expecting you to deal with crapware and slow loading sites. If I wanted that, I’d use Wix.

So for that (lazy) reason alone, I’m going to hope Iomart hold true to their insistence that it’s business as usual, but with some host research on the back burner in case it goes belly up.


At this stage I think it would be wise to have a ‘Plan B’ just incase things go belly up so let’s start looking for companies offering a similar product. I propose we share suggestions on this forum for transparency.


However concerned we may be about things that we’re not completing in the know about; I think it would be unfair to use a Bytemark forum to garner suggestions regarding jumping ship.


I’ve been with Bytemark since 04. I love Bytemark’s products and so I’m not suggesting we jump ship yet! I’m merely suggesting we research and compare other cloud hosting companies on a ‘like for like’ and friendly banter basis as a contingency! Is there any harm in that Sir?


I’m with Tony on this one – it doesn’t feel right because it’s potentially unfriendly & harmful to bytemark.

However, in the spirit of friendly banter … they’ve been decapitated and have cut their own arms off so it’s an excellent time to give them a kicking. :grinning: (I know you’re not suggesting anything remotely close to that).


Is it possible to cut both your arms off? :slight_smile:


Sure. All you need is outreach and a strategic location.

… having our own datacentre overlooking the East Coast Main Line (ECML) feels somehow
appropriate – and it’s actually pretty useful. Level 3 …

‘Level 3’ is code for “it wont hurt when we’ve lost our heads”.

Getting back on track, the corpus needs to speak – ideally, before the next leg in this unexpected journey.

I’ll get my coat.


So which event in March seems most catastrophic…?


At this stage it would be wise to have a ‘Plan Bravo’ so after a bit of research I’ve decided to take a look at Digital Ocean’s (DO) Droplet Linux hosting product:

The reviews look good but apparently one needs some Linux experience to make the most of it.

If DO turns out to be suitable I’m going to diversify my portfolio :slight_smile:

How’s your research going?


What’s happening next month?


Mostly politics but the big one is on the 25th: International Day of Solidarity with
Detained and Missing Staff Members


I too think this isn’t the right place to discuss competitors; Twitter would seem suitable if you’re on there, @proberts2?

Meanwhile, might be of interest for its mentions of Bytemark. Page 5 talks of gaining a workforce with a valuable and complex skillset, especially around the more specific requirements of the software development community, and page 23 is about the acquisition, including the earlier-than-planned departure of the Bytemark directors.


I knew this was going to happen when I seen that they had been bought out! Very rarely does anything good come from it for anyone apart from the company thats doing the buying. I got slated for saying that the buy out was bad but here we are…


MythicBeasts, BrightBox and BitFolk are alternative VM suppliers which seem regularly mentioned.

It’s just a case of waiting and seeing how things turn out I think.