Bytemark v. GoDaddy


Political arguments aside, does anyone have any views whether in light of the recent DNS outages at GoDaddy, it would be a good thing to move my DNS into Bytemark. At the moment I have some mainly transfers hosted (DNS) at Bytemark the rest are with GoDaddy.

My primary driver is reliability!


I’ve been using the Bytemark content DNS for years and haven’t experienced any problems. The only downside I can think of is that there’s no interface available which will validate the zone files, alert you to any obvious mistakes etc. If you’re comfortable editing text files in tinydns format then you shouldn’t have any problems.


I’ve been using it too. I can’t recall any outages either, but I need to be happy in my own mind that my end user’s experience (ie uptime) will be better before going through the hassle of migrating. I’ve had no issues with GoDaddy before last week, and I’ve been with them since 2006.

I might keep them for domain purchasing, but delegate the DNS to Bytemark. That might be a reasonable compromise.

The Bytemark domain management system (renewals etc) doesn’t work too well at the moment.


I register all my clients’ domains with Gandi as they provide a great management/renewal/billing system and are as ethical as it gets for a big registrar (see and ).

Then I simply point the nameservers to Bytemark for handling the DNS. Took me a while to get my head round the TinyDNS lingo, but once you know it it’s pretty straightforward.

Works a treat and I have never noticed any problems or downtime at either end.


Gandi looks interesting.


Where you put your DNS rather depends on how much you rely on 100% uptime. Pearls of wisdom would suggest that hosting DNS and domains in the same data centre is not the ideal. How you rate that risk is very much up to you and your own ability in the event of a major outage to move everything to a new host quicker than Bytemark can be recovered.