Bytemark Client 2.2 is out!


Hi all, I’ve just released bytemark-client 2.2! As ever, the chocolatey package will likely take a little longer to truly arrive (usually takes a few hours to a day or so).

Update using brew update && brew upgrade on a mac, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on debian, or some other way on other OSes. (My familiarity with chocolatey as a user is pretty minimal, sorry!)

There are a bunch of fixes and a couple of new features in this one. Here’s a condensed list (but you can see the full changelog at github)

  • show privileges, grant and revoke commands. No more need to keep bigv-client hanging around for privilege management!
  • better debug output. (that one’s mostly for our support staff and my benefit when you guys report bugs, admittedly!)
  • fixed a pernicious issue with show account not doing its job for certain users. Hopefully permanently - I shored up the testing too!
  • Almost all arguments are now specifiable as flags
  • you can’t accidentally upload a private key with the add key command any more.
  • various improvements to error handling

This isn’t a particularly huge list considering the length of time since the last release - lots of behind-the-scenes changes & things for Bytemark staffers, and some planned stuff that didn’t quite make it for this release.


Just released a tiny update (2.2.1) to fix a regression relating to the parsing of server & group names - if you see --name was not set (or should not be blank/zero) or similar for --group or --server, even though you definitely provided a name, then updating should fix it.