Bytemark-client 1.1 released


Hi everyone,

I’ve just pushed a new version of the bytemark client to and our homebrew tap. Unfortunately chocolatey started requiring a package that isn’t in Mono in order to run, so I no longer have a good way to make chocolatey packages (like a fool, I didn’t hang on to an older version of choco.exe)

Please run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade or brew update && brew upgrade as appropriate to update, or on Windows, weep softly for a little while (I’m sorry for failing you, Windows users!), then download the zip and extract the exe.

Also, we have fedora packages as of a little while ago - though I’ve no idea of the package quality, you can give it a go using the repo at … however you do that in fedora. I plan to learn at some point.

This release doesn’t add anything new, just prevents root passwords, user passwords and card references from being output to the debug file during server creation & imaging and account creation.

Card references also were output to the debug file any time your accounts were listed (this happens a lot if you haven’t set an account using bytemark config set account my-account-name-here).

2.0 should be coming out next week or the week after, which will contain all the bug fixes I’ve promised everyone in support tickets :slight_smile: Thanks again for reporting them and also for using software I wrote in spite of its many flaws (flaws that I am working on!)

Please continue to report bugs to us pretty much however you like - on the github repo, in a support ticket, here, written in Klingon on a piece of paper stapled to dried flowers mailed to us—although don’t expect to see such a bug report fixed for quite a while. I don’t know Klingon.