Automatically create a backup disk image


What with Dropbox pro now offering 1TB of space, I was thinking - it’d be really nifty if there was some sort of mechanism that could create a nightly disk image of my VM, and dump it in a particular folder in dropbox (with an option to keep only the last N backups)

Presumably this would be simpler to achieve at host level than VM level


If you’re using Symbiosis, here’s an idea off the top of of my head:

I guess this isn’t an image, but it should be everything you need to restore a vanilla Symbiosis setup and you can add any additional folders that you need.

That said, if you don’t need 1TB of space, but you do want your data hosted completely in the UK, our archive storage on BigV is just £2/mo for 50GB. This also means restoring backups may be quicker as the storage is only a hop or so away.


I’d happily drop Dropbox in a heartbeat if you offered something even remotely comparable. Mine is mostly full of about 50gb of archived (and encrypted) photos.

I’d certainly be interested to know if anyone’s tried using something like bittorrent sync ( to give a home-grown dropbox style service